Closing remarks from CineEurope 2014

Flavored with great product presentations, loads of networking and interesting panels and workshops, CineEurope 2014 has also been an occasion to point out that Europe is still very centrally positioned within the global film industry.


According to the UNIC* President Phil Clapp’s industry address, European cinema continues to command a global market share of around 30 per cent, and theatrical exhibition remains a robust foundation for – and driver of – the performance of the entire value chain going to touch 60 per cent of total revenue by 2017, exploiting the opportunities provided by digital technology to increase the admission per capita figures, whereas declining revenue from physical home entertainment are only partially being replaced by the growth of digital distribution.

Furthermore, it is claimed that taking full advantage of the flexibilities in programming only possible in a digital age will allow us better to match the films on screens to the audiences in theatres. It is crucial to evolve and develop engaging strategies for an increasingly fragmented, demanding and sophisticated audience.

* UNIC is the International Union of Cinemas, representing operators in 33 European Territories, €7.4 billion box office, 33 thousand screens, 1.1 billion admissions.

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