#GoldenGlobes and the box office

Best Motion Picture, Drama
Carol (The Weinstein Company) | $7,004,358 +  $8,402,177 | N/A
Mad Max: Fury Road (Warner Bros.) | $153,636,354 + $222,200,200 | $150M
WINNER: The Revenant (Fox) | $41,383,741 + $20,487,466 | $135M 
Room (A24) | $5,166,724 + N/A | N/A
Spotlight (Open Road) | $28,546,477 + $309,218 | N/A

‘The Revenant’ won the award and opened strongly, but the outsiders ‘Room’, ‘Carol’ and partly ‘Spotlight’, for some the most important movie of this batch but a difficult one, will hopefully gain stronger market traction in home video windows thanks to the visibility provided by the Golden Globes. Continue reading “#GoldenGlobes and the box office”

#CinemaCon2015 showcases great slates and stunning technologies

During the annual conference organized by the National Association of Theater Owners (NATO) and held at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, the major Studios have as usual showcased their upcoming slates.

Not so usual however is the caliber and market potential of the movies, from Paramount‘s Summer 2015 star driven releases Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation and Terminator Genisys presented directly by Arnold and Tom, to Warner Bros‘s big event movies such as Mad Max: Fury Road, San Andreas, Black Mass, Point Break, Entourage, and of course Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Tom Cruise presents the new chapter of the Ethan Hunt’s saga.

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Oscars 2015, theatrical distribution: facts and figures

As the D-Day for Hollywood’s Awards Season is approaching, it is worthy taking a look at the Best Picture nominees’ theatrical distribution facts and figures, playing a little bit with the numbers.

All in all, the overall worldwide theatrical gross box office for the eight candidates was more than $1 billion, with each release falling within the wide $11 to $397 million range and $125M on average ($99M if we strip out the out the outliers American Sniper and Whiplash from the analysis) against production budgets of $3.3 to $58.8 million, $165.1 million in total and $20.6 on average.

The highest grossing film is American Sniper with $396 million and counting, whereas The Theory of Everything scored the highest percentage in foreign sales with 66%. Clint Eastwood’s latest film also had the best average per screen at its wide opening weekend, an impressive $25,111, despite being released to 3,555 theaters. Continue reading “Oscars 2015, theatrical distribution: facts and figures”

#RomaFF9 showcases new patterns of film distribution


The ninth edition of the Rome Film Festival is coming to an end having showcased some interesting new patterns of film marketing and distribution.

The film market named The Business Street has brought to Rome 811 professionals, of which 295 buyers, 104 world sales agents e 246 producers from 52 countries, with a 30% increase of international participants (35% more buyers and 14% more world sales agents). A very needed initiative for boosting the film business.

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Outdoor cinemas in Rome were not built in a day

According to the associations of film exhibitors, local Government should help regulating the wildfire spread of outdoor arenas in Rome. They have denounced the danger of uncontrolled proliferation at a press conference, saying that the greatest part of the 50 arenas in the region, not only are located too close to indoor theaters, but also often operate lacking safety, quality, and fiscal standards, thereby determining unfair competition within the struggling film exhibition market, which is already greatly weakened by poor content from distributors (only 33 new releases in the July-August period, 71 in September-October). As a result, they have announced the shutdown of all movie theaters in the Lazio region and the submission of a complaint to antitrust. Continue reading “Outdoor cinemas in Rome were not built in a day”