“Netflix rhymes with Wet Chicks” for Sandler, means an opportunity for all


Any game changes and evolves, so players’ attitude, and laws and regulations need to evolve accordingly.

The primary game changer Netflix has just announced, right after declaring that the first day-and-date worldwide release of a blockbuster will happen soon, that they are going to produce and distribute as soon as 2015 four feature films starring Adam Sandler, therefore coining the term web film, which is a film meant specifically for online distribution. Continue reading ““Netflix rhymes with Wet Chicks” for Sandler, means an opportunity for all”

Day-and-date release, Bubble or Tiger?


The Weinstein Company planning worldwide day-and-date release on Netflix and IMAX theaters of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon sequel is nothing new to the industry practice.

The first noticeable (because of the combination of a high-profile director and the backing of maverick billionaires Todd Wagner and Mark Cuban) example of such strategy was in 2006 when Magnolia Pictures released the Steven Soderbergh’s movie Bubble simultaneously to theaters and cable television channel HDNet Movies, whereas four days after they released the DVD. Continue reading “Day-and-date release, Bubble or Tiger?”

Amazon announces Video Shorts… and a net loss.

The Seattle-based e-commerce giant is launching a section called Video Shorts. The difference with YouTube is that it only contains professionally produced videos, so no UGC (User Generated Content) at the moment. To be precise, the site currently features “hundreds of thousands” videos, divided in the following categories: Music Videos, Concerts & Live Performances, Movie Trailers, Movie Clips & Featurettes, Actor Interviews, Video Games, Technology, Food & Drink, Beauty, Literature & Books.

The company says that the Video Shorts section was added to Instant Video within the last couple of weeks, though the content it contains has actually been building up on the site for much longer than that. Continue reading “Amazon announces Video Shorts… and a net loss.”

VOD in Europe is growing

The recently released report On-demand Audiovisual Markets in the European Union published by the European Audiovisual Observatory covers more than 3,000 service providers.

According to the report “the sector is growing fast and the number of on-demand audiovisual services available in Europe is rising, driven by rapid consumer adoption and made possible by technological innovations and a shift in consumption habits”. Continue reading “VOD in Europe is growing”