Oscars 2015, theatrical distribution: facts and figures

As the D-Day for Hollywood’s Awards Season is approaching, it is worthy taking a look at the Best Picture nominees’ theatrical distribution facts and figures, playing a little bit with the numbers.

All in all, the overall worldwide theatrical gross box office for the eight candidates was more than $1 billion, with each release falling within the wide $11 to $397 million range and $125M on average ($99M if we strip out the out the outliers American Sniper and Whiplash from the analysis) against production budgets of $3.3 to $58.8 million, $165.1 million in total and $20.6 on average.

The highest grossing film is American Sniper with $396 million and counting, whereas The Theory of Everything scored the highest percentage in foreign sales with 66%. Clint Eastwood’s latest film also had the best average per screen at its wide opening weekend, an impressive $25,111, despite being released to 3,555 theaters. Continue reading “Oscars 2015, theatrical distribution: facts and figures”