2013, a year of lights and shadows for the Italian film industry

According to the report presented yesterday by FEdS (the Foundation for Entertainment) and MiBACT (the Ministry of Arts and Culture), 2013 has been a year of “lights and shadows”.

In fact, on one side the Oscar won with The Great Beauty, the all time attendance record (8 million tickets sold, €51.83 million gross) set by the Italian comedy Sole a Catinelle which contributed to increase the market share for national products from 25 to 30 per cent, more films distributed (from 883 to 979, +13.7%), and the boom of first works (from 364 to 453, +24.79%).


But on the other side, the shadows:  the crisis of “Cinema Paradiso” style single-screen cinemas (from 713 in 2006 to 530 in 2013, -39.4% sales), the collapse of investments (from €493.1 to €357.6 million) and the cut of Fus – the Italian fund for cinema, ndr (from €137.7 in 2007 to €99.7 in 2012 to €91 million in 2013), the lower average investments for 100% Italian productions compared to co-productions (€2.1 vs. €1.69 million).

Ivan Maffeis, President of FEdS claims that the industry, which contributes with €4.4 billion to the Italian GDP, needs largely shared strategies and projects, whereas Nicola Borrelli, General Manager for Cinema at MiBACT, says that all the stakeholders have to define the appropriate actions to address the new challenges of the digital environment.