California wants Hollywood back

California is in collective imagination the unchallenged home of modern film production, because of the studio system, the creative talent pool, the great natural settings. Nevertheless, today’s feature films produced by U.S. companies are filmed throughout the globe: according to many, the golden state needs to step up and refine its tax incentives for getting back and retaining television and film production.

An independent research has been recently conducted by FilmL.A., Inc. – the film office for the greater Los Angeles region – on 108 live‐action and animated movies released in 2013 by the six majors and five mini-majors. It provides evidence to demonstrate that the availability of film incentives heavily influences feature producers’ choice of filming locationContinue reading “California wants Hollywood back”

The visual side of Hollywood

Within the social networking space, Pinterest (and Instagram) are increasingly gaining attention towards and from the film industry, and its star system in particular.

natalie portman portrait
Natalie Portman

Here are a couple of examples regarding Hollywood Portraits…

and Movie Posters…

Can you think about other interesting pinboards you have seen recently?