SIAE: moviegoing in Italy slightly up in 2013

SIAE, the Italian society for authors and publishers, has just presented encouraging data in his annual report, which pictures the situation of cinema, theaters, concerts, sports, and any other performing arts such as ballet and opera.

As far as moviegoing is concerned, SIAE says Italy is on an upward trend: up by 5.59 per cent in 2013 with 105.7 million tickets sold and € 643.3 million gross box office revenue, whereas the other widely used service Cinetel had previously counted 97.38 million tickets and € 618.3 million revenue, but they monitor 90% of the market.

Rome and Milan top the ranking as biggest markets, whereas Sole a catinelle was the number one movie in theaters in 2013, watched by 8,562,244 people.

Frame from the movie “Sole a catinelle”.

According to SIAE, also the other revenue (besides tickets) for moviegoing and total turnover grew respectively by 2.16 and 1.81 per cent. Furthermore, 71.88 per cent out of 4.2 million shows are movies.

The overall revenue of the out-of-home entertainment sector grew in 2013 by 1.17 per cent, attendance by 1.24 per cent, number of shows by 2.14 per cent, with concerts being the fastest growing form of entertainment with 11.20 per cent more people attending.